MT was invented by Wolfgang Ortner in 1996 in Ollersbach, lower Austria. Being a manager for Tennis professionals and a technical drawer by profession.Wolfgang got the idea for MT from watching his local Austrian athletes and realizing that he could provide a solution to the need for seating and terracing. His invention also earned him the Lower Austrian innovation price.

Like all great ideas Wolfgang's solution was very simple.  He started marketing the seating and supplied seats to a large number of stadia and events centers, including Pasching and Stadthalle Graz and many more.
Until 2005 he sold close to 30.000 seats in Austria alone, and rented seats to hundreds of events.

In 2009 Wolfgang redesigned the pull out mechanism and registered a patent for his new idea. (Sicherheitsschiene)
The first patent was registered in Austria and additional 55 patent applications have been registered since.
In 2010 Wolfgang Ortner signed the patent over to Ana Altbart , who founded MT Patents GmbH in the same year in Zug, Switzerland.
As of today more then 15 patents have been granted and many more are to follow.